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A Matter of Choice$1.50

In this world, making the right decisions isn’t always easy—unless you already know the answers.

In this straightforward mini book, Kenneth Copeland shows you how, by faith, you can find supernatural solutions to everyday problems. You’ll learn how to hear God’s voice in every decision you make—big or small, and how making decisions by the anointing produces holiness in your life.

If you’re looking for the solution to a tough problem, be sure you find the right one…after all, it’s A Matter of Choice.


Blessed Beyond Measure


Gloria Copeland shows readers how to embrace God’s goodness and learn to trust Him with every area of their lives.


Five Hinderances to Growth in Grace


There are five hindrances: They are lightness, looseness, laziness, loquacity and like other people. Learn the meaning and understanding with Kenneth E. Hagin.


God's Will For You


You can’t grow in God unless you know His will for you. And in this book, Gloria Copeland shares how she discovered God’s will and calling for her own life, as well as how each person can become the man or woman of God they have always longed to be. Most Christians have spent enough time wondering about His will for their life — now it’s time to know. God’s Will for You…


Growing Up Spiritually


Rev. Hagin compares stages of spiritual growth to those of physical growth. It will help you locate where you are spiritually and then show you how to grow into the next stage of spiritual development.




This mini book teaches believers how to walk in divine love and about the rewards that come from obeying the Law of Love.


New Creation Realities


We have found the secret that the psychologists long have sought. It is the “inward man”, it is the re–created spirit; it is the part of man with which God deals. It is really an unveiling of what we are in Christ today; of what He says we are; what He has made us to be in His great Redemptive work.

The Pauline Epistles must ever stand as the work of a super–genius or a divine revelation. It lets us into the inner secret of God’s mighty purpose in the Incarnation. The four Gospels give us the earth walk of the Master, but the Pauline Epistles give us a revelation of what happened on the cross, what followed during the three days and three nights until Christ was raised from the dead. We get the living picture of the entire substitutionary work of Christ. It is the legal background of our Redemption.

This challenging book should be studied by every earnest student of the Word.


The Blessing of the Lord


THE BLESSING of The LORD is God’s original plan for you. Contrary to popular belief, He doesn’t want you sick, broke and lonely. He wants to make you rich in every area of life-your health, finances, relationships and more. In this hard-cover book, you will learn: God’s original intent for His people to live in THE BLESSING God’s plan to restore THE BLESSING after man sinned How God has empowered you to succeed How Jesus connects us to THE BLESSING Why THE BLESSING is not just a spiritual reality, but a material reality, too How to be living proof of THE BLESSING to others How love governs the operation of THE BLESSING. No matter where you are in the progress of your life as a Christian, learn more about God and His relationship with you as you dig deeper into the vital message of THE BLESSING. Allow this revelation that changed Kenneth Copeland’s life forever to convert your thinking, fuel your faith and accomplish God’s will for your life, too. Set yourself on the path to guaranteed success today. Your BLESSED life of peace and joy awaits you”



Sin is Slimy – Sunday School Teaching

What a teaching the Sunday School kids had this week!

One of our Sunday School teachers, Tammy, brought in supplies for the kids to learn how to make slime and how it relates to being a Christian.


The kids used school glue, food coloring, etc… to create a custom colorful slime piece.

(Also pictured:  treats as motivation)


Tammy explained to the children that sin is like the playful slime.  Sin can be tricky to handle and it can be even fun but it always ends up getting really messy and into places that you never intended for it to be.  Sin is slimy and stretches further than you expected.


One of the girls in the class then mentioned (relating to a sin) how if you steal something little, you might be tempted to steal something bigger next time.


While doing their bedtime prayers the night before, Tammy’s daughter Mya prayed, “Please let Randy bring Cassidy and Alyssa to Sunday School!” She has prayed this often, but they had never come.  Sunday morning they came and Mya was so happy that she testified in Sunday School. Later, Randy told Tammy the one thing his girls had asked to do this weekend was make slime! God is good.

Thank you Tammy, for showing our kids that Sin is slimy, but learning about it can be fun!

On the Mission Field…

March 31st

I am super excited with a project I have been working on for almost a year now.  I will be leaving in 2 weeks to fly to Yenagoa, Nigeria to go on a mission outreach with a group “Souls for Christ” out to three separate villages by boat to minister to the people in whatever way is needed.  We are planning to invest in this area by putting in a “Bore-hole” or” well” in one of the villages.  The amount of water that is visible on a map alone of this area is enormous as it sits in the middle of the Niger Delta and there are a countless amount of tributaries that meander through the land, but it is not drinkable without risking sickness.  They have no clean drinking water and to have it brought in is quite expensive.  Many times I looked at a glass of clean water I have in my home and thought, “What would I do if I had to struggle for a cup of water?”

I have something inside me that I have to share and holding it all inside is not an option. For anyone on here that knows how to pray I ask that you take time to pray against anything that may try to disrupt this work for the Lord.  For those that don’t know how to pray, just say what your heart tells you to, because God is an honourable God and He hears our every word.

Mark 16:15 And He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature. NKJV

Not everyone is able to go on a mission but everyone can be a part of it by simply “going to bat” for us by sending your prayers of support to The Father In Jesus Name.  Before I go, if there is anyone reading this that don’t know Jesus as your Lord, Saviour and best friend, and are interested in getting to know Him feel free to shoot me of a message and I would be glad to talk to you about Him…

I hope you all have a blessed weekend.

April 2nd

When ministering to someone you become the source of their need, because God is the source of your need.

– Curry Blake

April 18th

I arrived in Yenogoa safe and sound.  It was a long trip for someone not used to being cooped up in a small space for hours on end, but for God, it was a small sacrifice.  If you are someone who wants to see what it looks like for a Christian to carry out his/her daily walk, then I would suggest saving your money and planning an outreach mission here in the near future, because I have been here only two days and almost ashamed at how little I do for God on a daily basis.  I was in Church this morning at 6 a.m. and I was amazed at how many were there to worship on a weekday.  I guess the age to be equal from young to old. When there is a call to “Lift your voices and give God Praise”, it is almost like the roof might lift.

Today’s thought for me, “Is God really the center of my life or am I cheating Him, myself and others of a greater blessing?”

That’s all for today from Nigeria…  God Bless.

April 19th

I went to two separate villages yesterday and the site will be forever grained in my mind. It was so foreign to me that it almost took away my breath.  We hear many ask why not help at home instead of going across the world? Well I will answer that simply by saying that Cable, electricity, car payments, unable to have four meals a day or a broken down car do not fall into the category of “Life essentials” like food and water.  There are many agencies in our country to help our needy and we pay large amounts of tax dollars to make this happen, but in some parts of the world there is no-one to help…  When you see what I saw yesterday, you can either brush it off and say it’s not my problem, or you can do something about it. We pledged to put in more bore holes in this district in the near future and if God has His way this is only the beginning.  I look at these people and I think about all the money I alone have squandered over the years and to be honest it almost makes me want to throw up.  I struggle for words in describing what I saw, the pictures I will show will not capture what my Heart saw but when you look at these people and the conditions they live in it is overwhelming to say the least. I found that when I looked a child squarely in the face as I smiled at him or her…  the smiles I received were so ‘out to lunch’ to the surroundings that it gave me Hope…  There were a lot of children that smiled that day, as I purposed to connect with each one even for a moment.  If you saw the water they drink, bath, use for cooking and drain their bodies in it would paint a picture in your heart able to break it.  Disease and deformities are rampant, and clean water will help immensely to change this.  God said, “Where much is given, much is expected”.  He meant every word and I believe He expects much from those He has blessed.  I don’t write this to bring praise at what I am doing in no way shape or form, I have many friends that wanted to hear from me and this is the best way. I will definitely be more thankful of what God has given me no matter what I wish I had.  I thank God for my wonderful family that prays for me constantly…  If you are reading this and you don’t know Jesus then I encourage you to get er done and hang on for life…  literally.

God Bless.

Gathering them all in to have a service.
The guys in the suits are all Pastors from the Church, all a part of the movement to reach souls for Christ.
After dark, before we reach Yenagoa, tired bunch; had to walk to one of the villages, but 15 minutes is a long way in 30 degree heat… twice. Haha.
This big guy is my contact over there.
The Church bus with forward air conditioning, haha. Windows were down and as long as you were moving it didn’t feel like an oven.
Here you see swimmimg and clothes washing going on as we landed. Honestly felt like I was in one of those movies where the white man comes to the village and everyone wants to see.
hem fellers won’t let me carry anything, as soon as I put that bag down someone grabbed it, “No, no, let me Sir.” Never saw anything like it in my life.
That smile is almost permanant on him.
Waiting for a boat ride to the villages.
Around 30 Celsius.
This is part of the Niger river and it wasd a 10-15 minute ride to the first village.
Leaving the Church compound.

April 21st

Well I thought I would give another update on things here in Yenagoa.

Thursday we went to Obololi Village and had a wonderful time, serving God. After we parked the bus, there was a 30-40 Minutes walk to the village where we first went to see the Chief or King of the village. He invited us in to sit, and brought out a bottle of something to serve us and the gesture made me smile because we came, to bless him. We wanted to honor him by asking permission to talk to them about God. The children came again and one took me by the hand to walk me to the prepared place in a field where we would have church. Not to be out done, two sometimes three held my other hand along the walk. After much singing and praising God, the lead pastor stood and encouraged all to give Jesus a Chance to help them and all the elders were first in line even the King. Around 15 souls were added to the Kingdom and before we left the pastor asked me if I had anything to say to the village. While I was sitting there I asked God to give me something to say to them that would bless them and as I thought of why I was so drawn to the children I heard, “The Children are their Future”.  I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt it was God, but I can’t explain it to you. I encouraged them with this word that in order to give them a future with Hope that they must teach the children about our Father in Heaven so they will grow up in Love and Plenty, not lack.

While we were about to leave a young boy 13 years old from our group that came with us asked me to pray for him. I said, “What for David?”  “Sir, I want to have wisdom, could you pray?”  Now if anyone knows me that melted me like butter and I tell you he got his prayer.  I turned around and there was a line up of villagers wanting prayer.  After a few I was asked due to time to conclude with a group prayer and the ones left were all younger 16-24 years old. As I gathered them in my arms huddled together, God decided to touch their hearts as several wept including one of the elders I noticed out of the corner of my eye.  The King and his elders walked us to the edge of the village where I thanked them for allowing me to be there and vowed to be back sometime.

God Bless you all from Yenagoa

April 23


Everywhere I went I have children holding my hand


When I was speaking, my eyes were riveted to this guy, and I know he was trying to be tough… so after I was done speaking I went down and explained to him that I thought I was too tough for church too and God loves him.


April 24th

Perhaps by seeing these you can get a sense of what it looks like to be here.  The King or Chief of the Village came to Church in Yenagoa Sunday with some of his people!

Thank you, Jesus.

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April 25th

I have the pictures for Obololi which is the third village.

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April 28th

Igeibiri is the last village on the agenda and again we had a blast.  This is the village that gets the first well or “Bore Hole” they call it here.  They have been the first to embrace Christ for the Winner’s Chapel Living Faith Church here, so that is where it will go. Unfortunately, we were not able to start it yet, as the devil is playing games with money transfer from Canada. But rest assured it will get done and these little set backs are minor compared to what God is gonna do in these people’s lives.  This village alone had close to 50 souls added to the Kingdom on this day alone and more will come when they see God’s Mercy and Grace unfold in their lives…  I leave tomorrow for Home and my beautiful family and the next thing you see from me will be from my house in L’etete, NB.

God Bless you all from Yenagoa, Nigeria.

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May 1st

Well, I have made it home safe and sound and it is nice to have some familiar surroundings around me again.  God is good and faithful to His servants.

I spent some time this past two weeks discovering what it looked like for God to be #1 in my life instead of #10.  I met some devout Christians that eat, sleep and breathe God’s Love and servitude. Two church services a day for two weeks is not my normal God time, but that’s what we did at Winners Chapel Swali in Yenogoa, Nigeria.  I got to see the conditions some people live in and verify that there is a need for clean water services installed there.

I am in the process of sending the funds that were sent in by fellow soldiers’ and good friends along the way, over to them in the next couple days.  The workers are all in place and ready to go.  It’s a bigger process than we had first thought, but it shall be done by the Grace of God.  I still don’t have the final count but there was well over 100 souls saved between all four villages and that will most certainly grow in the coming days I have no doubt in my mind.  I had opportunities to plant seeds of Love and encouragement along the way and pray for many people.  I was made to feel very special throughout our fellowship as the days went by, and met some very wonderful people who know God to be the Beginning and the End, of all we could ever imagine.  People asked me why I was going when I mentioned my plans, and all I could say is that, “I just know in my heart God wants to show me something and I have to see for myself”.  Well so many thousands of miles later and in a strange new place foreign to me, I discovered that if I just trust God with all my heart I don’t have to fear one single thing that the enemy can throw my way.

Praise God.


Warrick Oxford